Volunteer Spotlight

Betsy Vanausdeln | Bridgepoint Volunteer

Elizabeth Vanausdeln, Faculty Support and Development Associate

Faculty Support and Development Associate Betsy Vanausdeln was named Ashford Hero of the Year in 2013. “I was truly surprised to be named Ashford Hero of the Year for the third time since so many of my colleagues also recognize the value of helping others,” said Betsy. “Receiving this award is an honor and I am fortunate to work alongside many great colleagues and students who are also Ashford Heroes.”

Betsy donated an impressive 500 hours in 2013. She volunteered her time as a troop leader for Girl Scouts of America by conducting cookie drives, facilitating meetings, and participating in the Gold Award Journey. She also worked with Asbury Methodist Church as a mentor and youth group leader, and devoted several hours to Ashford Heroes efforts in Iowa.

“Sharing my time and talents with others is what makes me complete,” Betsy added. “I believe in giving back in a wholehearted manner to help those in need as it allows me to make a difference in others’ lives. Their smiles are priceless.”

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