Our Team

Roni M., Enrollment Services Advisor III since 2012

“I love hearing student success stories and realizing how much of an impact I have on my students.”

For most people, a job is just that, a job. But for Roni, working at Ashford University means being part of a family and having a meaningful impact on the lives of her students.

Roni joined Ashford in 2012 and works as an Enrollment Services Advisor. A typical day for Roni includes responding to emails and calls from students, reaching out to prospective students, and performing daily administrative tasks. But she doesn’t stop there.

“I also make sure that my teammates are good and are having a good day,” Roni explains. She knows that taking the time to build friendships with her coworkers can create a positive work environment for everyone and keep spirits up.

That positive energy carries over into how she connects with her students. Roni works with students from all walks of life, from all over the United States, and sometimes from different countries. While the students are diverse and their specific situations may vary, her students often come to Ashford because they have one thing in common.

“Most students need the flexibility of an online program,” Roni explains. Getting a degree isn’t easy, but Roni works hard to make sure her students have the support they need to succeed at Ashford. “I love hearing student success stories and realizing how much of an impact I have on my students.”

One student was especially grateful for Roni’s dedication. When this student was flagged for possible plagiarism and didn’t know what to do, Roni took the time to listen to the student and helped facilitate communication with her instructor. In the end, the student was cleared of any wrongdoing and the situation was resolved.

The student reached out to Roni after to thank her. “I feel so blessed to have your support. Your voice, kindness, and support has a great deal to do with why I have made the choice to stay at Ashford so long,” wrote the student.

Working at Ashford is more than just the daily grind for Roni. It’s a chance to connect with people and have a meaningful impact on their lives. Her team’s camaraderie and dedication to each other is the most evident in the way her coworkers come together in times of need, whether for victims of natural disasters or coworkers who experience personal loss. “We don’t have to know the person; we work together, and simply come together in times of need… we’re a family here at Ashford!”