Our Team

Melissa M., Enrollment Services Advisor since 2017

“Finding the perfect program for a student makes my day.”

Melissa works with a variety of students. Some of them know exactly what program they want to pursue, while others might be looking for more information and details to help them make that decision. Some work full-time and are juggling families with going back to school, while others are looking for change. Her students all come from very diverse backgrounds and situations, but they all have one thing in common – Melissa is there to help and support them when they need it.

Melissa joined Bridgepoint in 2017 as an Enrollment Services Advisor. She starts her day working with new prospective students and explaining what Ashford University has to offer.

“I love seeing how excited the students get. Finding the perfect program for a student makes my day,” says Melissa. “I also love being able to tell them about the Writing Center and other resources available at Ashford to help them succeed.”

She follows those conversations by responding to emails from her students and reaching out to students who are starting classes or are in their first course.

“I get questions about the online format,” Melissa says. “I let them know that I am here to help them find the program that meets their needs and to help them do well.”

When one of Melissa’s students had challenges and didn’t pass her class the first time, Melissa was there with support, and was able to help her get through the course the second time. Seeing the dedication and perseverance of students like this makes Melissa proud to have been part of their success. “Even though life has dealt her additional obstacles, she is moving forward,” explains Melissa.

For Melissa, the perks of the job are more than knowing she is helping students achieve their goals. Bridgepoint isn’t a typical workplace. Her fellow team members create a positive work environment for Melissa through recognition and a supportive atmosphere. “The culture here is great compared to other places I have worked. There are opportunities to make friends, interact with coworkers, and participate in professional development.”