Our Team

Ashley F., Enrollment Services Advisor since 2010

“I am so proud of the dedication and commitment our students put in.”

Climbing the professional ladder, providing more for one’s family, or looking to change industries—none of these are easy tasks. Luckily, graduate students at Ashford University have Ashley to help them as they work toward achieving those goals.

“I get to help people take a step forward in their life that can lead to lifelong opportunities,” Ashley explains. “I absolutely love helping a student realize they are smart enough and determined enough to do things they might have never thought they could do.”

Ashley joined Bridgepoint in 2010 and works as an Enrollment Services Advisor on the alumni team supporting Ashford University. She works with people who are looking to come back to school and pursue a graduate degree.

To prepare them for success in their respective programs, Ashley will help students research their areas of interest, discuss courses and skillsets, help them through the enrollment process, and then be there to assist them as they get ready to start classes.

The best part of the job for Ashley is being able to call her students once they have finished their programs to congratulate them on successfully earning their master’s degree. “When a student graduates with their master’s after all the hard work they’ve done and all the new knowledge they have acquired, that is the most rewarding experience,” said Ashley. “I am so proud of the dedication and commitment our students put in.”