Our Team

Anthony E., Military Enrollment Services Advisor since 2009

“For me, the ultimate goal is to see my students graduate."

Problem-solving is a skill we all need from time to time. For Anthony, problem-solving is a key part of his job. Anthony spends his day coming up with creative answers and solutions to issues that arise for his students.

Anthony joined Ashford University in 2009 as a Core Advisor. In 2011, Anthony transferred to a Military Enrollment Services Advisor role, working with students who are eligible for Ashford’s Military Grant. But his work goes far beyond just that.

In a typical day, he reaches out to prospective students, works with current students, and problem-solves for any issues that turn up. Working at Ashford has taught Anthony how to troubleshoot on the spot. Whether the issue is student-centered, institution-driven, or departmental-related, Anthony knows how to find a solution. This skill has allowed for Anthony to become knowledgeable about other departments and develop cross-departmental relationships with other team members.

But it’s not the problem-solving that brings Anthony into work each morning – it’s the students. Anthony works with active duty military personnel, National Guard personnel, reservists, students using VA education benefits, Department of Defense employees, civilian employees of the US Coast Guard, and Veteran Affairs employees.

Having a strong focus on military enrollment, Anthony meets people from all walks of life that have come together to serve and protect our nation. “I never served in the military, but my father served in the Army. I consider it an honor and a pleasure to serve our service members in my capacity as an enrollment services advisor,” Anthony explains.

Working at Ashford is more than just a job for Anthony, it’s a chance to see his hard work play out first hand. “For me, the ultimate goal is to see my students graduate,” explains Anthony. During Family Day held in San Diego, Anthony gets the opportunity to meet his students before their commencement ceremonies. “Seeing a sense of accomplishment in our graduates and the smiles on their faces when we meet has the most impact on me and completely validates what I do on a day-to-day basis.”